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About us

The Vandal – Urban & Retro Cycling Gear

“A never-ending passion for cycling.”

Our story begins in 2013. A passion for cycling races and graphic design join in a rough idea and a first print. The Vandal was born. At the beginning of that year we came up with a first pair of t-shirts completely inspired by the race and the bike. We took the plunge and visisted some popups and bike shops in the neighborhood. To our surprise, it was an immediate modest success. Since then, we have put a lot of work into expanding our dealer network at home and abroad and we're working together with more than 50 active dealers from Flanders to Curaçao.

Our dream is to have a dealer in every European capital and to be present on every continent to spread our passion for the bicycle! Our first webshop saw the light in 2014. We are now on the 4th update of our online store and it has become more than a full-fledged sales channel.

Since 2014 we have been releasing an autumn/winter and a spring/summer collection. We expand this through multiple limited editions and capsule collections throughout the year. The collections include shirts, sweaters and accessories for men, women and kids for, during and after cycling.

We also release a unique cycling kit every year.

The filosophy

Vanaf dag 1 hebben we een ecologische manier van werken nagestreefd. Het textiel dat we gebruiken is steeds 100% organisch, ecologisch en fair wear of gerecycleerd en ondersteunt met de nodige certificaten van Fair Wear en de GOTS labels. Het drukwerk gebeurt in ons eigen atelier in Borgerhout of door onze lokale partners. Daarnaast produceren we ook 100% eigen shirts in Portugal, onder dezelfde Fair Wear omstandigheden. Dit alles is voor ons van essentieel belang. Zelfs ons verpakkingsmateriaal voldoet aan onze strenge eisen. Zo werken we zelden of nooit met plastic maar met gemakkelijk te recycleren materialen. Wash cool, line dry en don’t tumble dry zijn dan ook slogans die je in al onze verzenddozen zal terug vinden.


Over the years we have made many new connections in cycling that have often led to very nice collaborations. For example, we were the casual clothing partner of Team Veranda Willems - Crelan for two seasons. Wout van Aert, the team's lead rider, was on the podium of the almost every cyclocross race with our podium cap. This came to a personal high point when he took the podium in his first Strade Bianche, wearing our cap. It formed the basis for a further collaboration between The Vandal and Wout and his wife Sarah. 

The Vandal is also the official partner of Belgian Cycling. In collaboration we make a collection for the fans of the Belgian national cycling team that we sell exclusively in our shop or through our retailer partners.

In 2020, we have also entered into a partnership with current world champion Julian Alaphilippe. We also made a merchandise collection for him that has just that little more than the average fan gear. In addition to designing in consultation with Julian himself, we also take care of all logistics for his shop.

The Vandal team

Toon AKA "grimpeur"

I started The Vandal in the fall of 2012 (officially this became 2013). Before this I had been restoring old racing frames for a while, which I sandblasted and then painted in an unorthodox creative way, for example the Gazetto Dello Sport bicycle (currently in Manuvel in Lier, and the polkadot bicycle that you can find in our workshop), but also with graphic design. These 2 passions have ensured that The Vandal has grown into the full-fledged clothing brand that it is today. My love for the bicycle was developed by my grandfather. On his lap I got to know races like the Ronde and the Tour and riders like Museeuw, Indurain and Röminger. That interest soon blossomed into a passion for both cycling and racing. When I was 16, I built my first real racing bike from old, secondhand parts and we were off! In addition to cycling trips all over Europe, Morocco and Thailand, I also try to grind my kilometers every year, on the gravel, mountain and racing bike. For example, LBL is on the program every year, just like a 5-day MTB weekend with the boys and I am not averse to the longer gravel rides or canal blasts with TEAM O.M.

about us toon

Nickname: El Diablo De La Montagne

Favorite cycling race: De Ronde Van Vlaanderen

Ultimate rider: VDB

Favorite The Vandal item: The Ventoux Cycling Kit

Jeroen AKA "puncheur"

about us jeroen

Nickname: Jerry

Favorite Cycling Race: Paris-Roubaix

Ultimate rider: Sep Vanmarcke

Favorite The Vandal item: burgundy Bear sweater Golden classic

My name is Jeroen, part-time arborist, part-time employee at The Vandal. Working in the trees for 8 years, but only a few months self-employed. When I switched to self-employment, I needed variety, so I started chatting with my longtime friend Toon. I wanted to do something completely different. A new challenge that I could combine with my tree work and I found it at The Vandal. I have been following cycling races for years, it can hardly be otherwise because in our group of friends almost nothing else is discussed. I am not an avid driver myself, but I do follow it from the seat, a sofa coureur as they say. I like to go with myn trekking bike while traveling. Like a few years ago, straight across France from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean together with Toon. My favorite race is Paris-Roubaix. No other race brings so much tension every year. Seeing the riders crashing over the cobblestones at full speed is a real treat and no one can do this better than Sep Vanmarcke. I still believe he has what it takes to win this race!

nils aka "rouleur"

Five years ago already brought, let's call it fate, Toon and his The Vandal on my path. We have known each other long before from the scouting and mutual friends. I slowly started relieving Toon from what tasks such as social media and taking care of the webshop orders when he was on vacation. In the meantime, we've already swum through many waters together or perhaps survived many races before! Cycling races are all about nostalgia and camaraderie for me. Watching a cycling race together with your friends or family, the emotions that accompany it, I think is one of the nicer things in life. Seeing Tom Boonen lose at the velodrome in Paris-Roubaix was an experience I shared with my best friends and one that will always stay with me.

about us nils

Nickname: diecie

Favorite cycling race: Strade Bianche

Ultimate rider: Tom Boonen

Favorite The Vandal item: Sofa Coureur jogging trousers

simon AKA "baroudeur"

about us simon

Nickname: Dukechni

Favorite cycling race: Paris-Roubaix

Ultimate rider: Tom Boonen

Favorite The Vandal item: The VDB T-shirt

In 2019 I was in the second year of my bachelor in communications, I spent 2 months as an intern at The Vandal. It were 2 months full of passion for cycling. Currently I am responsible for all French communication. My grandfather has been organizing newbies races for 50 years. So I really grew up in the world of cycling. Over the years, cycling has become a real passion. I am only 21 years old, so I have grown with Tom Boonen's performances. For me he is (for now) the best rider of the 21st century. If I have to choose a race, it is without a doubt, Paris-Roubaix. Those cobblestone sections are just legendary and it's the course I've been waiting for all year round.

My best cycling memory is on April 8, 2012. When Tom Boonen arrived alone in Roubaix after a long solo. I was in the velodrome the moment he arrived. I have never found this feeling since then.

krys AKA "randonneur"

Founder Toon is my brother-in-law. As perhaps with many family in Flanders, we are also talking about the cycling races. This common interest quickly became clear and I got the chance to help build The Vandal. Since then I mainly do the production and logistics part. You could also describe me as the epitome of a sofa driver. I like nothing more than to spend hours on the couch, listening to Michel and José's voice, taking the usual race nap and finally shouting the rider over the line from my lazy seat. Especially in races such as the Tour of Flanders which is the race I look forward to most every year. Those typical Flemish slopes and cobblestone sections that follow each other in rapid succession. Only the strongest riders remain in the final. The real flandriens! Those epic duels between the absolute best. Cycling lives from that. The winner of the Tour of Flanders is always a deserved winner.

about us krys

Nickname: Krystoff

Favorite cycling race: De Ronde van Vlaanderen

Ultimate rider: Wout van Aert

Favorite The Vandal item: Sofa Coureur T-shirt

quinten AKA "sprinteur"

Nickname: ‘Q’ (op z’n Engels)

Mooiste koers: Ronde van Vlaanderen

Ultimate rider: Wout van Aert

Favoriete The Vandal item: KingKOM hoodie

The Vandal is een merk die me een zeer warm gevoel geeft. Want de koers in het algemeen geeft me al een warm gevoel. Je voelt dat dit een merk is met een verhaal en met een ongelooflijk grote passie voor mijn passie, de koers.
Ik ben een ‘vendeur’ pur sang en een 2 tal jaar geleden heb ik van mijn passie mijn job kunnen maken. De combinatie van het op de baan zijn, onder de mensen zijn, mensen helpen met wat ze nodig hebben en dan nog eens de passie omtrent de koers, is voor mij de ultieme combinatie om elke dag gelukkig te gaan werken. Dus deze 2 puntjes die ik net aanhaalde heeft mij ervoor doen kiezen om The Vandal nog meer ‘in the picture’ te zetten.

Mijn passie voor de fiets die begon eigenlijk ongeveer een 12 jaar geleden. Na lang voetballen, koos ik voor de koersfiets onder invloed van mij 2 beste kameraden die toen al aan wielrennen deden. In 2015 heb ik mijn laatste officiële wedstrijd gereden en stopte ik wegens een blessure aan de knie.

Maar toch is de fietsmicrobe voor altijd in mijn lichaam gebleven.

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