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trees planted

no51 premium shirt


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Rescue 2 plastic bottles

Plant 1 tree

The course overflows with superstition. From good luck charms like the holy Madonnas del Ghisallo to the flipped back number 13. A cross sign for the starting shot or the one pair of lucky socks. But none of these can top the magic surrounding the back number 51. None other than Eddy won his first Tour with it (as did Bernard who also won his first tour with dossard 51) and since that day the number has been elevated to a supreme lucky charm. And from now on, you too can walk around with it every day. Our 51 t-shirt is not only a tribute to the song, but also to the cannibal himself. This t-shirt is produced in Portugal and finished with a rubber 3D stamp.

  • 100% organic and organic cotton.
  • 180 gr/m2 which makes for a comfortable and high quality fabric
  • This T-shirt is a medium fit.
  • Designed in Belgium, produced in Portugal.


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