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trees planted

The Caroussel


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In Belgium, where ArtNouvélo's roots are, cycling is a social event where the whole village comes out on the streets to cheer for their heroes and enjoy company, food and drinks. In hundreds of villages these races take place around the local church. And kids ride their own races on the 'kermis carrousel'. Technology might change over time but our traditions remain. Steel turned into carbon. Extra thin became large and aero. But beer and fries are still beer and fries. A relict of the past, the carrousels are like a perpetuum mobile, reminding us of good times, as they turn around and around, and fill children hearts with joy.

This shirt is produced on demand, which means that the waiting time can increase. During the holiday period , the waiting time can be even longer. We also do not send partial orders.

  • 100% organic and ecological cotton
  • 180 gr/m² which makes for a not too heavy but still high quality fabric.
  • This shirt is a medium fit.
  • Fair Wear and GOTS certified.

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