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trees planted

Give us a hundred kilometers!


Ordering this product will

Rescue 2 plastic bottles

Plant 1 tree

Support Les Amis du Tour de France and sponsor us a kilometer. Or two... 😉

Organizing our supporters cafe next to the Tour route costs us a fat €5 per kilometer. The main costs are for fuel, tolls, "board and lodging" of the crew, Walker's card, taxes, TV Vlaanderen subscription, as of this year also Starlink (;-)), parts of the buses, an unexpected toll at a tunnel, .... That way we can organize a real Belgian supporters' cafe on top of the mountain with all the trimmings.

Of course we sell during the Tour. Fresh pints, Flandrien and the best Bicky Burgers but not nearly enough to cover all these costs. Throughout the years we had several partners/sponsors for whom we are of course very grateful. And still. Also this year Cristal Alken, Flandrien and Ethias are sponsoring us. Our basic costs are thus covered. But we need additional support. An alternative form of crowdfunding. Give us five euros! You will already make us very happy with that!!!

1 kilometer: Merci!

2 kilometers: 2 times merci!

3 kilometers: big thanks!

10 kilometers: that deserves a goodie bag!

100 kilometers: Mille fois merci! You automatically become a member (#jesuisunami) with all the benefits attached. On top of it our cool hoodie and we'll take you to the Grand Closing Prize Bahamontes in November where we'll treat you to a refreshing pint afterwards!

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