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Pour le design de notre cuissard, nous avons opté pour quelque chose de classique et intemporel. Un cuissard entièrement noir comme dans le temps. Le cuissard décide souvent de la qualité de votre équipement, c'est pourquoi nous avons utilisé une matière dans laquelle on est à l'aise, même après 10 heures de route. Etant nous même des cyclistes fervents, nous avons voulu une top qualité. Notre équipement est conçu à Anvers et produit en Pologne. Nous ne travaillons pas avec des intermédiaires mais directement avec le producteur. We always wanted to keep this product simple. Don’t be misled by its simplicity though. Proline bib shorts are technical. Just have a look at the materials’ description. The pick of materials is not the only thing that makes our best bibs stand out. Only the combination of well thought-out material compositions with our anatomic, comfortable fit guarantees the quality of this product.

Informations techniques:

  • PGE – silicone-free, printable gripper elastic made of Coolmax®
  • flat stitched seams for athletic comfort
  • a lycra washing insruction label that doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Pro Seat pad
  • Zaffiro – top range lycra from MITI made of matt polyamide and 19 % Lycra®Power™ yarn warp-knitted on 40 gage machines (40 needles per square inch); the result is a high density, multi-directional stretch fabric with outstanding durability and comfort; composition together with the structure of knitting ensure stable compression properties and shape memory (ability of the material to get back to its shape after being stretched out)
  • Shield Endurance – this compressive polyester lycra has been specially developed to minimise the effect of the white inner side showing through the printed outer side when stretched; in addition to its high opacity, it has superior moisture transportation properties and increased UV-protection, while remaining soft and comfortable
  • Flores – a multi-stretch polyester mesh with a very soft feel and excellent sweat transportation properties; used in the bib of our shorts, this white material doesn’t show through light coloured jerseys and also doesn’t absorb colours bleeding from other printed materials during washing